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Cape Style Sheds

The Cape Style Sheds are a great entry shed with a set of standard double doors and two windows.

Firewood Style Sheds

The Firewood Style Sheds a perfect place to store those darn logs during the cold times. 

More Products Offered!

Here at Empire we also offers Chicken Coops, Dog Houses, and Wishing Wells!

Classic Style Sheds

The Classic Sheds are a more exquisite taste with the upgraded double doors and windows.

Quaker Style Sheds

The Quaker Style Sheds not to be mistaken with the deluxe capes, have a overhang in front!

Mini Style Barns

The Stunning Mini Style Barns beautifully encase a sure to please half octagon top!

Deluxe Style Sheds

The Deluxe Style Sheds featuring an increased size in trim and deluxe double doors!

Victorian Style Sheds

The Victorian Style Sheds is where we see the dormer beautifully come into fruition.

Dutch Style Barns

The Dutch Style Barns, elder brothers to the lovely mini barn sheds.

Shed Siding Colors

Shed Roofing Colors